Passing Over Ceremonies

A Passing Over Ceremony is a wonderful way to bring the family and friends of the departed together to speak, feel and participate to share and manage their grief whilst saying goodbye. The ceremony is a rite of passage not only for the family but for the soul of the departed to transition. The ceremony can either be a pre-cursor to a funeral service or can be conducted as a memorial for a departed loved one.

This is an intimate ceremony to help or assist the departed to make a peaceful transition as they journey to what follows. Those present will share their grief, love, feelings and emotions in an authentic, safe way. Everyone present may take part if they wish, sharing stories and memories or may choose to stay silent, quietly reflecting on what the departed meant to them.

The four elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water are welcomed in to reflect and tell of the journey of the departed's life. Friends and family are invited to participate and share stories or sentiments following a ritual involving each element. The ceremony culminates with a guided visualisation. This is to aid your loved one to continue with their journey beyond.

During the ceremony you may wish to share poetry or readings that were special to your loved one or play their favourite pieces of music. We can plan a ceremony that is totally unique to the memory of the person departed.

Prior to the ceremony, I will set up a sacred space and arrange the ceremonial equipment and objects that are used. Due to the nature of the ceremony, it is usually held indoors, however, this can be discussed further during consultation.

This is a very special way to honour and say goodbye to a loved one. If you would like to discuss a Passing Over Ceremony further, please get in touch.

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